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Why I’m Not Always Fond Of Pen Names For Myself…

Why I’m Not Always Fond Of Pen Names For Myself…

Create a pseudonym that sounds cool, fits your genre and doesn't sound fake. ... I myself have published extensively under a couple of pen names although, Dave ... Then choose a female name from the list that fits all the criteria above. ... figuring out an interesting last name that doesn't scream I'm a fake can be difficult.. I just wanted my portrait to represent who I was, not some made-up version. ... He laughed, a sound that warmed me, and said, I borrowed that dinner jacket ... I live with an aunt who likes to write stories under the pen name of Milton Barnes. ... the Trib, and I'm going to sell my photographs to all the newspapers in Chicago.. I'm hoping that some of you may be able to advise me. ... I have a crazy ex-boyfriend (still obsessed with me after 25 years) that I'd rather not find me online. 2. ... If you decide to use a pen name remember that, if you submit anything ... Now I can't get rid of him and all he does is comment on my SEO content.... All in good time, Will. ... I'm not particularly fond of this last novel. ... came across that wonderful little book of poetry that you had published under a pen name.. Before I get into the explanation of why I'm not always fond of pen names for myself, I'd like to mention first that I'm not against pen names at all. I know more.... Lewis Carroll is just his pen name, and I've always called him Charles. ... He is the dearest gentleman and he was very fond of my sister as well. ... only a few weeks ago, to be frank ... although now I'm not sure he ever wrote me anything at all!. I will keep those pen names, for reasons I'm going to discuss below, but some ... Your book might not be about them at allI mean, most of you reading ... For me, that kind of fiction wasn't romance or erotica or even violent fiction. ... share a look, a font, and a design with your previous science fiction novel.. For what it's worth, I don't think my name Derek Murphy is cool at all. Annoyingly, there ... I'm not convinced that pen names help sell more books. I'd probably.... That's why I can't write a novelI'd never get that far before she ate me aliveand ... is on the chair and the complete works of William Faulkner are scattered all over the floor. ... According to the legend, a vampire must be invited in and I'm taking no ... I signed it Steven J. Hooker, which is both my by-line and my pen-name.. Should you write under your own name, or a pen name? ... I've been writing biblical meditations for years, and now I'm writing a humorous dog ... And some writers usually women, but not always decide not to flag their gender. ... Self-publishing guru Joanna Penn chose to use her initials to publish her thrillers as JF.... Many, many of my friends have pen names, and every single one of ... Having the same legal name as a politician, actor, or other public figure isn't always a ... I'm not ashamed of what I write and we're not shy about sex in our house. ... want to run our career, and I'm not fond of any you're stupid if you do.... Writing: Should The Self-published Author Use A Pen-Name ... While self-published writers have the freedom to choose their own pen-name, the decision isn't always ... Dianne Ascroft: I'm glad I chose my maiden name as my surname ... else to avoid confusion, no matter how fond I was of my own name!. (Designed it all myself. I had no rationale when I took my pseudonym in my late twenties, after all, other than a vague sense of my given name as slightly too bland, and a.... Pen names suck 67%no.okay, 99% of the time. ... When we use the name that all our friends and family, coworkers and ... I'm not fond of my first name, never have been, and again too many people misspell it.

Todd Ritter wrote his new female-driven thriller under the pen name Riley Sager. ... While it isn't exactly a secret that Riley Sager is the author Todd Ritter, ... Ed with his hands full, his eyes bright; me clutching our daughter's sticky fingers. ... 'Oh, I didn't realize you weren't a woman,' and I'm always pleased.. To me he added, in what he fondly imagined to be an undertone, but which ... The wood's It was a tight squeeze, but I'm built more All right, I said, soothingly, all right. ... Naturally it isn't a matter one discusses with the majority of one's ... as now, operating under a pen-nameI shrink from exposing the subject even to the.... I'm sure some of you English majors out there could even tell me a bunch ... And the reasons for using a pen name or not using one are varied ... The key is the same with all aspects of the publishing industry: ... Use the same font on the covers, use the same basic design, same type of art, that sort of thing.. Maxwell; her pen-name Miss Braddon. ... My volumes must be necessarily imperfect if you will not kindly send me two numbers which ... I suppose all girls are fond of 'roaming,' but if God had made me an American 'citizeness,' my ... I'm heartily glad your ' Rifle Team' have beaten ours in the International Match at Cl0ntarf.. Privacy is one of the main reasons writers choose pen names. ... or Derek Jeter, you may be accused of trying to pass yourself off as the celebrity. ... They don't put photos on their books and blogs, do not link their websites, and ... I'm in the process of shutting down my blog after all this time to focus more on...


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